2011 Trails to Ale Results

Some race notes:

  • Christian and Andy drank frosty drafts at the Great Lost Bear the night before the race, so technically they ran the “Ales to Trails to Ale” race.
  • Andy was the only one of the three runners to spend time in first place, second place, and last place. Unfortunately, the only time he spent in first place was somewhere between the start of the race and the first half mile marker.
  • Everyone’s legs hurt a little less after witnessing the “had to be drunk girl” fail (and fall!) in her ill-conceived attempt to scale the 3 foot iron fence at the Sabego Biergarten. Commenter: “The drunk girl ran the ‘Trail to Ale to Epic 3ft Fence Scale Fail’ race.”*
  • Matt wore actual “trail shoes” because he thought it was an actual “trail run,” which apparently it is not… at all. It should really be called the “Sidewalk to Ale” run. Hopefully he has really bad blisters now.
  • There are no longer two fat cats at the Two Fat Cats Bakery in Portland.
  • Portland has some of the friendliest 10K race porta-potty line mice anywhere.

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Complete Results.

*Added from anonymous comments.


2 responses to “2011 Trails to Ale Results”

  1. Haven beaten Andy handily myself, my first impression is that this was an solid horizon job. However, in order to be fair, Andy’s time must be compared with Matt’s time in the same race four years from now when he is feeling the results of 40 years of gravity and lost opportunities.

  2. – The drunk girl ran the “Trail to Ale to Epic 3ft Fence Scale Fail” race.
    – Matt’s blisters are not as bad as the leprosy sores on Christian’s feet.
    – Gorf has trouble with spelling and simple addition:
    – Haven == Having
    – 35 + 4 = 39 years of gravity