Workout Days 1 and 2 – February Cycle

3 sets of each unless otherwise noted and every two entries are paired to allow switching between exercises (hex bar deadlifts alternate sets with split leg rope side pulls, etc.):

Day 1

  • Hex Bar Deadlifts
  • Split Leg rope side pulls with cable machine
  • Floor bench press with Swiss bar
  • Goblet split squats with 3 sec hold near bottom
  • Nordic hamstring holds (2 sets of 10 seconds)
  • Seal rows with dumbbells
  • Romanian deadlifts with switch hand kettlebells
  • Body saws

Day 2

  • Squats with safety squat bar
  • Copenhagen planks with dumbbell
  • Elevated goblet split squats
  • Pullups
  • Double banded zipper walk
  • Landmine standing viking shoulder press
  • Airbike (.5 of a mile, .6, .7)
  • Bench reverse curls


  • Banded dog side leg lifts
  • Cossack stretch
  • Spiderman to calf stretch
  • Single leg drops with kettlebell overheads
  • Banded sprinters
  • Open book reach stretch

Cool Down

  • Weighted three position calf raises
  • Banded shoulder pull aparts
  • Bretzel stretch
  • Hamstring scoops
  • Hang from pullup bar for 60 seconds

Daily workout takes approximately 1.25 to 1.5 hours: half hourish for warmup/cooldown and about an hour give or take for actual workout.