Joanie’s Android timeshare about to eclipse breathing!

Charleston, SC native, Andy Moore, is now spending more time servicing Joanie’s Motorola Droid than he is breathing. This discovery came to light after Andy downloaded Google’s new TimeSucker app from the Android Marketplace and added a few categories  for it to track.

After plotting a 10-month period of activity, the chart below clearly shows that “Joanie’s Android” now consumes more of Andy’s time than previous market bellwether “Breathing.”

Chart courtesy of Google and TimeSucker

Asked about the increasing time demanded by Joanie’s Android, Andy replied, “I’m a little surprised. Joanie does have a lot of ringtones and seemingly bulletproof immunity to RTFM demands, but I didn’t think those lines would cross before February of next year. I might have to stop complimenting my wife altogether, because I forgot to add ‘pet Hogan’ as a category. I don’t want to spend more than 24 hours a day on this stuff.”


2 responses to “Joanie’s Android timeshare about to eclipse breathing!”

  1. I don’t understand where the football picks are. I am sure that takes up significantly more time than breathing or servicing me and my droid. You seem to have such a helpful and kind attitude when I’m there in person but quite the poison pen when at your computer.

  2. The football picks are under “2010 NFL Smackdown,” silly. I don’t use pens (poison or otherwise) with my computer… no whiteout either!