Category: Carnival

  • Marblehead Carnival

    Marblehead Carnival

    It is Abigail’s favorite time of the year. Better than Christmas, better than Hanukkah, better than birthdays… it’s the magnificent charitable rip-off known as the Marblehead Devereux Beach Carnival. Tickets are a dollar each, little rides are 3 tickets, “big” rides that make you question the safety of frequently-moved carney rides are 4 tickets, and…

  • Carnivale d’Offderippe!

    Carnivale d’Offderippe!

    This picture illustrates much of what we learned at this year’s beach carnival visit. So what’s going on here? In no particular order: Abby meets her first Boston driver. Abby discovers that “scary” rides are actually how she rolls. Too much success on this swing ride resulted in quick escalation to all multiple-gravity rides short…