Some Highlights/Notes from Easter 2013 trip to D.C.:

Emily's there... not Photoshopped!
Emily’s there… not Photoshopped!
    • Renaissance Washington – 999 9th Street is a cool address, conveniently located to Union Station and National Mall, and good coffee. 666 6th Street does not exist; I looked.
    • Tour of Capitol. Winthrop and Sammy Adams statues. Our bad tour guide was no match for this impressive building. Boehner’s door was open. Apparently getting the coolest office means you face a steady stream of peasants; that’s why the Democrats and Republicans trade off the majority.
    • Death march to Founding Farmers (Capitol to circa Foggy Bottom) was well worth it! Walked up past the South side of the White House and the soccer games between out-of-shape competitors.┬áMust research the Aviation cousin, Last Word… lime instead of lemon; I would have ordered one, but I noticed it too late. Kickass beer = Backhanded Compliment IPA.
Kites over National Mall
Kites over National Mall
    • Good shrimp but bad host at tapas place with weird jumping children mural behind the bar (and weird yarned-up children mural on wall). Long live (or die and become tapas!) the delicious, world famous, black-footed, pink-assed, always smiling Iberic pig! Emily got us a table; I would either still be waiting or have perished, as I took Mr. 25 Minutes at his word. We did not leave a positive impression with the Chinatown-based Black Panthers. They insisted on the destruction of our entire race, but I thought our search for a restaurant or my yellow shirt rather too benign for such a penalty.
Looking South passed Andy Jackson!
Looking South past Andy Jackson!
  • Met Nicole and Dan for brunch at the Old Ebbitt Grill (get pork stuffed waffles next time!). Saw Ford’s Theater, North side of the White House, Washington Monument (closed from earthquake damage), Sherman (couldn’t find any statue of Lee), WWII Memorial, Reflection Pool, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, kites on National Mall, Smithsonian American History Museum, and National Archives (just made it in… second to last in line with Sergeant “this is it for today… come back tomorrow at 10AM” — need to mail sandwich board to National Archives.), determined giant, famous red horse overrated, all in one day… all walking… no time for lunch. Syracuse makes Final Four, but not without my help. Did not make it to Arlington National Cemetery or the Vietnam Memorial this trip. Cuban dinner with waitress who said, “sorry I’m late, but don’t worry, I put more rum in your mojito and the other drink that you can’t pronounce anyway.”
  • Newseum was much better than expected. Great 911 exhibit and Pulitzer prize photos. The vulture/child race photo is haunting. Damn you Good Stuff Eatery for being closed on Sunday! Squeezed in Supreme Court, Smithsonian Air and Space, Smithsonian Natural History, but they were very crowded on Easter. Miniature parcels of Asian deliciousness for dinner, with a side of incredibly bad techno/trance music.
  • One for one flying standby on a sold out flight! One for two trying to leave Thrifty Rent-a-place-to-park-your-car without paying!

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