Week #1 NFL Smackdown Update!

Week of the dog!
Week of the dog!

As you can see from the official smackdown standings, week #1 failed to separate brains from luck in the gridiron picking arena. Both Emily and Andy finished the week at (8w – 8l), while Nancy finished at (7w – 9l), so no clear trend has emerged.

Interesting notes from week #1:

There were 15 possible underdog/favorite picks (underdogs GET points while favorites GIVE points).  The Carolina Panthers versus Philadelphia Eagles game was straight up (no points either way) in our pool.

For these possible 15 favorite/underdog matchups:

  • Emily took ALL 15 possible favorites!
  • Nancy took 7 favorites and 8 dogs.
  • Andy took 9 favorites and 6 dogs.
  • For the week, favorites went (7w – 9l) with Philly winning the straight up matchup, so the underdogs won week #1.
  • Nancy took the most dogs and should have had an advantage from doing so, but alas, she chose the wrong puppies at times which left her one game off the pace.